What to do in Vegas

What to Do in Las Vegas: Top Must-Dos in the City

What to do in Las Vegas

Vegas is a city worth visiting, maybe once in your life, maybe more. It has numerous attractions. Forget gambling and going to strip clubs; there is a series of attractions that have made this city an ultimate destination for millions of people from all parts of the world. When you come to us for information on what to do in Las Vegas, we understand what you are looking for. You want to know where to start your tour once you land in Vegas, and you want to know where to end it. Thus, we have prepared a list of interesting things that you can do in the Sin City.

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Below is our list of all things you can do in Las Vegas:

Watching the Bellagio fountains

Do you want to know what to do in Las Vegas? Go to the Bellagio fountains, which attract thousands of tourists from all over the world every month. This is a mega man-made creation located at the Las Vegas Boulevard, which has made the city millions of dollars in revenue as many people flock there to view this spectacular work of man.

What to do in Vegas

Actually, there are more than a thousand fountains all shooting water up to a distance of 460 feet into the air at predetermined intervals. Beneath the fountains, there is a mini-lake measuring about 8.5 acres. In this attraction, you not only watch the fountains as they shoot to the air, but you also get an opportunity to listen to assorted music from the best talents in Vegas, Nevada.

The jets of water seem to be swaying to the rhythm of the song. It is quite a sight; we recommend you include it in your itinerary for what to do in Las Vegas Nevada. From 3pm to 8pm, you can have free shows, which come after every hour.

Visit Shark Reef aquarium

You have seen sharks in oceans and in the movie “Jaws” but you have not seen them up close and candid, sheltered in a large aquarium. The thrill, the scare of having such a notorious predator so close, only a glass wall away from you is, well… thrilling.

At Shark Reef aquarium, located near the Mandalay Bay, the sharks swim aimlessly in the water and there are other fish species, crocodiles, sea turtles and rays. Recently, they added the Komodo dragon. It is a great place to visit in the afternoons and it is just some few minutes to the south of Las Vegas Blvd.

If you have a room in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, you are given the opportunity to watch the sharks on TV screens in the hotel rooms. All the same, the experience of watching the sharks right beside you in the aquarium is incomparable to any other. The entrance fee is very affordable and anyway, you will not let an opportunity to watch amazing marine life go just like that, will you?

Go clubbing

Wondering what to do in Vegas if nature walks and watching a plethora of marine species is not your thing? Or maybe you just want something exciting for the night … you can go clubbing.

Las Vegas what to do

Other tips: What to do in Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation of having the best clubs and strip joints. Here, you will be spoilt for choice. You can go on a drinking spree, starting with awesome wines and beers made in Vegas, to exotic drinks imported from many places in the world.

You can enjoy the strippers’ show as they do their thing, some teaser late night dancing and non-stop music from talented DJs. Some of the joints we can recommend for you to include LAX nightclub at Luxor, a fine bar to watch the night escape. Tao, Venetian and The Bank at Bellagio are the other high-end hotels and restaurants for you to try out.

If you do not want some crazy dancing, Cathouse at Luxor, Pure, Caesars Palace and Tabu at the MGM hotel will be perfect choices. If you would love to be teased out of your senses by strippers, the best strip destinations in town include Crazy Horse Too and Spearmint Rhino.

All the aforementioned clubs are located at Las Vegas BLVD, except for Spearmint Rhino and Crazy Horse Too, which are located at the South Highland Drive and Industrial Road respectively. Clubbing information is important for what to do in Las Vegas Nevada.

Get Fremont Street Experience

Downtown Las Vegas is a part of town that gives you an experience like no other by combining a series of attractions in one place. The place hosts some of the most notable casinos in the city. Thus, if you have a thing for gambling, this is the best place to try your luck at the slot machines.

Vegas what to do

Because Vegas is known for its collection of high-end casinos, it would be a shame if you go there and leave without gambling. Get your bankroll ready and then hit the roulette or blackjack tables for the experience of a lifetime. Would you like to have an experience of playing poker, and be walloped by the experts? Try the poker tables.

Binions offers the best atmosphere for gamblers. It also hosts the popular World Series of Poker. While you may not want to play poker here, may be you would like to watch as the experts have a go at the pot. The list for what to do in Las Vegas Nv cannot be complete if you do not include some gambling.

Explore nature at Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Bellagio, is a nature park enshrining all forms of life. Here you will find species of fauna and flora, which are suited for the desert climate of Las Vegas. It is among the most frequented tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

It is an oasis in the desert city. The conservatory shelters some of the native animals of the Mojave Desert. It is also neatly landscaped to give you a nice backdrop for photos. This is a great place to spend some time from the havoc of the city. Whether you are with a family or just with your significant other, a day at the Botanical Gardens will never disappoint you.

Have some amazing rides

What to do in Las Vegas NV

Do you fancy rides? Would you like such included in the Las Vegas what to do list? Then, you are in the right place. The Las Vegas Strip hosts some of the best hotels, in which they offer rides of all nature. You will feel as if you are in an amusement park. Even if you do not ride, at least your little ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness. However, we know that you would not trade the experience of riding a roller-coaster on the rooftop of the New York Casino.

You can also visit the Adventuredome, an interesting theme park on the lower side of the Strip, in the Circus Circus. There are kids’ rides, sling rides and roller coasters. If you are a daredevil, try a ride at Stratosphere. If you are not afraid of heights and you can stand a fall of 800 feet, Insanity is the place to be.

Take advantage of free entertainment

Mostly, all you hear about is the Las Vegas expensive lifestyle, so often such that some people have given up hope of ever coming to this city. However, what many do not know is that in as much as there are high-end attractions in Vegas, there are also some cheaper options and others, which do not need you to spend even a dime. That they are not paid for does not mean they are not interesting. You would be surprised that such are the most visited in Las Vegas, not because they are free but because of the experience, they give the visitors.

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Some of these free attractions include the Volcanic eruption at Mirage. This is a simulation of a natural volcano with all its fury, it shoots ash and fire and around it, there is a “crater lake”.

Treasure Island allows you to watch cannons, sinking ships and you can as well listen to musical pirate numbers. None of these attractions require any payment. You now know what to do Las Vegas Nevada without paying a dime.

Go shopping

What to do in Las Vegas Nevada

It will be quite a shame if you left Las Vegas without some souvenirs to take home. After all, the city is one of the best shopping destinations in America, and among the very best in the world.

As long as your budget permits, include shopping in your list for what to do in Vegas. However, be warned that shopping in Las Vegas is a bit expensive based on where and what you are buying. They have a great collection of items that you might not find anywhere else in the world. If you have a thing for fashion, the best place to shop is at Fashion Show Mall. As you run through the aisles separating the stores, you can also walk on the retractable runaway, right inside the mall, which measures 80 feet.

It is said that the runaway is used throughout the year. If you have your family with you, do not leave without visiting the Showcase Mall; their kids corner is amazing. Another place that you should do some shopping at is at Grand Canal Shoppes, Venetian Hotel.

Dine at high-end restaurants in Vegas

If you have some money to spend, do not leave without trying a few of their high-end restaurants. Eating is important and must be included in the list for what to do in Vegas. The city has the best dining venues and what matters really is how much you are willing to spend. For a mouthwatering buffet breakfast, go to the restaurant at Bellagio Hotel.

The restaurant also serves dinner and lunch in very attractive arrangements. If you do not mind the heights, dine at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant or at Top of the World Restaurant in the Stratosphere Tower. From the pinnacle of these two towers, you can have a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip.

Now your itinerary is full with things for Las Vegas what to do. Go have fun and make the most of your vacation.

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