Las Vegas leisure guide

Las Vegas Leisure Guide – Outdoor Activities for Tourists

Las Vegas leisure guide

No one should embark on their vacation before reading this Las Vegas leisure guide. Las Vegas is known as the best party and gambling destination in the west of the USA. The climate is suitable for tourists and visitors on holiday. On average, the annual average temperature is about 670C.

40 million visitors flock Vegas annually resulting in over 90 percent hotel occupancy. McCarran Airport is ranked among the top 10 worldwide when it comes to the volumes of passenger traffic that it handles.

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According to recent rankings, the metropolis is ranked as the fifth best vacation destination for travelers across the globe. Hundreds of thousands of people make their way there to hold their weddings and honeymoon parties. A great number of visitors go Vegas with the purpose of attending conventions.

Get a good itinerary before you depart for Vegas

Before you can depart for Vegas, the first thing you should do is get a Las Vegas leisure guide and a travel package that will give you great value for your money. Thankfully, here, we will organize a custom itinerary for you so that you know what to do when you get to Vegas. This one is dedicated to outdoor activities only, but there are many more things to do.

Vegas leisure guide

This Las Vegas leisure guide article recommends some of the best places you should visit and activities on offer.

Go skiing or snowboarding near Mount Charleston

It seems ironical to ask someone to ski in the desert. The name Nevada is a Spanish word that actually means covered in snow. During winter, Mt Charleston is covered in snow. This is an opportune time to check into the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort. The place accommodates novice skiers without any age limit.

Renting out the ski equipment is very affordable. There are over 11 different trails on the mountain. All this fun incredibly takes place 2600 meters above sea level. The terrain park is barely an hour’s drive from the Las Vegas strip.

Motor lovers can race a dune buggy in the scorching desert

As you approach Las Vegas and look out the window, you notice an endless sea of sand dunes surrounding the city. As any Las Vegas leisure guide will how you, a dune buggy provides an opportunity for experiencing the desert as the wind whirls past your hair while bouncing over terrain that is impossible for a normal car to manage. Bring along your colleagues or friends for the 30-minute race referred to as the Mini Baja Chase.

Take a cruise on Lake Mead

Leisure guide to Las Vegas

Despite the lake having been artificially created during the Hoover Dam project on the river Colorado during the 1930s, it supports a delicate biodiversity. Today, it is referred to as an oasis in the midst of the desert. Swimming and boating lovers visit it during summer. The cruises on the river take visitors on 19th century paddle-wheeled vessels. The cost is very affordable for youngsters as well as adults. This too is included in our Las Vegas leisure guide and package.

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Ziplining at the Bootleg Canyon

Downtown Vegas has a short zipline at the Fremont Street Experience. Visitors who want to experience more thrill may head out of town towards Boulder City in the great outdoors. After going on a truck ride to the top of the mountain and a short trek, get strapped into the paragliding harness and let go into 50 miles per hour descent on a connection of zip-lines. The longest series goes on for close to a mile. The service is open from 7.00am until evening, and requires reservations to be made in advance.

There are many things to do, but do not leave without reading our Las Vegas leisure guide, so you can know where to get started.

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