Ultimate Guide for 4 Days in Vegas

A lot of people have traveled to and from Las Vegas not just to gamble, but also to take a rest and to unleash the place as well. As appealing as it may seem, some are not going to Vegas just to party. There is more than just partying and gambling in this world-renowned Sin City. If you go to Vegas for a spontaneous trip, that will also do. But, it will be hard to budget your time and money in this kind of trip. A well-planned trip is still by far the best and is highly recommended by the travel savvies. If there isn’t any doubt in your mind that you can fill in your days of stay in Vegas, think once again. It is not just about the challenge of finding out what you must do, but how to fit in all the activities in 3 days or so.

You need to know that a long weekend in Sin City may be shaped based on the type of traveler you are. Are you the kind that wants to be on the road all the time or someone who wants to go clubbing? Are you the party goer or just someone who wished to stay in the hotel and relax? Will you bring the whole family along? Do you want to be with someone special for a very romantic trip? Since every traveler is different from one another, choosing a plan may vary depending on the needs and the preference. It is best to leave new chances when you visit the place again. Regardless of your reasons to visit Vegas, one thing that is for sure, the simplest part is to just get there. There are lots of flights in the city every day and lots of bus companies run this route to and from Vegas from various cities coming from California.


Before you jump on the plane, what you must do in 48 hours’ time must be well planned or you will be staying in your hotel room and just sleep. There are lots of things that you can consider if you want this trip to me worthwhile. If you have 2 or more days to spend in Vegas, getting a plane ride at night time is highly suggested. That way, you will have the next time in full to spend for the activities of your choice. When you make a hotel reservation, you need to pick a budgeted one, just so you can fit into the budget you have allotted for the trip.

Those who will be going to Vegas for the first time are suggested to stay in a resort that is nearby the Strip. This is because you can have an easy access to some of the best spots in Vegas. Most of them are free, so there is no need to spend a lot of money for the best spots. If you do not wish to spend a lot of time in your hotel room, why don’t you just pick an average priced hotel? The Imperial Palace is one of those middle-priced hotels you can choose from. But, those who wish to splurge and have enough budget for a hotel room can pick the Bellagio.

You must not be scared to drive through the city. There are lots of free parking spaces on the Strip even if the parking in a downtown parking garage is something that you need to pay for. You need to discover in advance if the parking garage is situated off Vegas Blvd or if it is just at the back of your hotel. If you do not know how to drive, don’t worry. There are lots of taxis along with some low-cost public bus system that can take you to and from your point of origin to the point of destination. As a newbie in Vegas, you need to take everything in, but instead of using and wasting your first trip to Vegas just so observe what’s in there, it will be best to look for the things that you can do the next time you come back and how much you will be spending if you are staying for more days or with the number of people you prefer.

You need to take your time to check on some places, go to themed parks and resorts, watch how people go around the place and some shows that they watched. But, you must not spend a lot of time in one place. The Strip is just so inviting and it may take you a day to be able to finish exploring it. You need to wear sneakers or anything comfortable, because you may need to walk all day to go around the place. Vegas is known for being a gambling hub, but you do not have to engage if you are on a limited budget. There is no need to splurge on gambling if you cannot afford it. There are lots of things to do in Vegas and a lot of places around this place are waiting for you. If you want to gamble, you can do that, but be sure to set a budget for it and a time frame for yourself too.

Day 1

Start your morning with a hearty meal. The Strip has lots of places to offer and most of them are the best for breakfast. You can spend your morning at the Strip. Make your way to the eastern part of it. You can watch the gondoliers push the boats going to the canal as they sing. There are also shops around the place.

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Day 2

On your second day in Vegas, you can engage in a hearty but classic buffet for breakfast. This should be enough to allow you to go through the day. You can go to the Mandalay Bay or The Wynn for this. If you were not able to fill your first day with all the activities and places to visit, you have your day 2 to finish everything. You can spend the rest of the morning checking on Planet Hollywood, which can be found at the Treasure Island. There are shops waiting for you there.

Day 3

This is one of the best days for those who are savvies in terms of shopping. You can go shopping and check out some of the best restaurants in the area. It is your 3rd day, so there is no need to worry, because you will be going home soon. You can spend the rest of your money.

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Day 4

You can dine around, but be sure to go back to your hotel room right away and check on some of the things you have brought if they are well organized and ready for your trip back home. There is nothing much to do on your last day, because you need to be sure that your things are packed and you are all set to go home.

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