Top 10 attractions in Las Vegas

The Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Vegas

Las Vegas top attractions

The Las Vegas metropolis is not just home to the world’s most robust casinos, clubs and restaurants. It also has some of the best attractions in the entire US. In this article, the top 10 Las Vegas attractions will make you look at Vegas from a different angle.

When you decide that Vegas is your destination for the weekend, you had better be equipped with a list of the top attractions in Las Vegas and a good itinerary. We have compiled a list of the top ten revered attractions in all of Vegas. Read on:

Marjorie Barrick Museum

Located in the middle of the University of Nevada - Las Vegas Campus, this attraction boasts all kinds of interesting displays. You will enjoy both vintage and ultra-modern works of art and a wide array of pottery as well as weaving. The fact that the Fine Arts department in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Campus (UNLV) in 2011 repossessed this museum gives you more reasons why you should check it out and see how they have managed to furnish it with different forms of art.

This is not only one of the best Las Vegas attractions but also a great place to learn about the US history and enjoy perfect crafts and exhibits from local and indigenous artists. Here is the best part … the entrance fee is in form of a $5 donation, which is not compulsory.

The Adventuredome

If you love to have fun innocently, like a kid, you will want to visit the Adventuredome. Here, you will find all forms of fun and it is one of the top attractions Las Vegas for the whole family. They say that life is a roller coaster, but how would you like to ride one in the literal sense?

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Only at the Adventuredome amusement park can you get to do this as you enjoy other rides and see a juggler at work as well. The staff members here are friendly and very helpful and you do not have to worry about long queues. Enjoy your favorite bands belting a tune or two as you admire the themes and as you enjoy the Grand Slam Canyon (the other name for Adventuredome).

Top Vegas attractions

The Eiffel Tower

Renowned as one of top 10 attractions in Las Vegas, this tower is a magnificent sight, one that offers a picturesque view of all of Vegas. Actually, the best time to visit the Eiffel Tower is at night so that you can watch the Strip with all the lights on. The euphoria is unbeatable. A view from the Eiffel Tower will give you a panoramic view over all of Vegas, and the neon lights and signs will make you wonder at how creative the human race can get. The entrance fee is affordable and you can stay at this tower as long as you like. Imagine watching the Bellagio Fountains from an aerial view at night. That is a bonus reason why you ought to get to the Eiffel Tower once you are in Vegas.

The High Roller

This tourist attraction is ranked as one of the most renowned of all the Las Vegas top attractions. Located in the middle of Las Vegas, the High Roller allows you to catch a glimpse of the Vegas Strip in all its glory and beauty. In order to counter any distractions, it is advisable that you go to this tower at night and watch Sin City from an aerial view with all the lights on.

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If you enjoy watching people, there is no better place to do that than from the High Roller. Watch people as they hop from one club to another to have fun. Catch your favorite drinks at the High Roller.

The Neon Museum

Best Vegas attractions

Welcome to the Neon Museum for an eye popping view of some of the oldest neon signs from Nevada. The display of these artifacts occupies all of 2.4 hectares, you can imagine the amount of signage that you will see here.

Some of the most famous signs include the Horse and Rider from the Hacienda, which is lit in yellow and orange colors. You will also love the two boneyard signs as well as the Stardust sign.

Now, some of the signs that you will see here are as old as 1929, that is when the first neon sign went up in Las Vegas. Remember, today, the LCD and LED signs reign supreme, leading to the cessation of the use of neon signs and seeing this collection will be quite an eye candy.

The Little Vegas Chapel, 2207 S Las Vegas Blvd

Have you ever wondered where people go when they elope to Las Vegas? Yes, you guessed it right, The Little Vegas Chapel. If you wish to renew your vows all over again with your significant other, rush to this chapel and do it or just go and crash a random wedding with a straight face. Either way, the Little Vegas Chapel has been rated as one of the best Vegas attractions and it is always advisable to book the chapel in good time if you wish to tie the knot or renew your vows here. Imagine having to brag to your friends about participating or attending a Vegas wedding.

The Centerpiece Gallery, 3720 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Best Las Vegas attractions

If you love art, this is the place to be. People who have been there say that the gallery displays mostly photographic works. However, everyone loves photographs. Thus, you can stop by for an hour or two and admire the indelible displays of all manner of the best photographs that you will ever see in your entire lifetime.

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Apart from the photographs, there are more things to consider. For example, do you know there is an amazing Maya Lin artwork of the Colorado River, Nancy Rubin piece of Big Edge and many others.

The Art of Richard MacDonald’s, 3600 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Richard MacDonald is a renowned sculptor in all of Vegas who specializes in sculpting the human figures, especially the celebrities. You can also pay to have him sculpt you and enjoy his incredible talent as you watch him do the magic. Take pictures of your favorite celebrities, sculptured of course. There are no viewing charges here. You can also read the details, touch and admire the sculptures as much as you like.

Cosmopolitan’s P3 Studio, 3708 S. Las Vegas Blvd

Top 10 Las Vegas attractions

This has been rated as one of the top Vegas attractions and it provides a unique platform for people who enjoy creative narratives. Enjoy various pieces of digital art, art installation and more. This studio is usually filled to capacity with visitors, as it receives millions of visitors every year.

Sin City Brewing Company, 3663 S Las Vegas Blvd

How would you like to catch some local beer right from the factory? If you are already smiling at the thought, you need to check out the Sin City Brewing Company in Las Vegas. This is ranked as one of the top attractions in Las Vegas. Visit this brewing company and catch as many beers as you can, all free as you will only be charged for the takeaways.

The above list consists of top Las Vegas attractions and we hope that it will provide you with the satisfaction that you are looking for if you wish to go to Vegas for relaxation.

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