Las Vegas tourist attractions

Las Vegas Tourist Attractions for Everyone

Tourist attractions in Las Vegas

What are the most famous Las Vegas tourist attractions? There are many and practically, everything is great to see in this city. When many people hear about Las Vegas, they picture themselves chilling in an entertainment joint dressed in shorts and a t-shirt while having a great time, free of stress and work. It is one thing to read about it and another to enjoy the gleaming metropolis experience.

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Thankfully, the information that we bring you here on Vegas tourist attractions is incredible and it will convince you to take the next flight out to Vegas. As the saying that “there is no place like Vegas” goes, indeed the place is unmatched. Nevada’s crown jewel city has ostentatious nightclubs, amazing outdoor illumination, and several other places that make the tourists experience memorable. All-night diners, comfort food, simple gaming, escort services, golfing … the activities are just endless.

Vegas Weather

There are just two seasons in Vegas - hot or warm! Feel free to visit the tourist attractions in Las Vegas anytime of the year as the skies always remain clear blue. During summer, the temperatures get high and it can be really hot. Whether hot or warm, tourists arrive in Vegas in droves all the time. The place is perfect for those who love outdoor activities.

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During early spring, that is, February through April, it is less crowded and some hotels are closed while the ones which are open reduce their prices a bit. This could be the right time for you to go to Vegas on a small budget. Spring time is also perfect for holidays, conventions and other events which take place from March to April such as the World Archery Festival, Valentine’s Day, the Chinese New Year and several others.

Tourist attractions near Las Vegas

Summer begins from May to July. Temperatures during the dry summer go past 1000 Fahrenheit. Sunglasses, caps, hats, sunscreen and bottled water are ideal for this weather. Events worth catching in the May to July scorching weather are endless. Autumn and winter are great times for the people who would like to enjoy the place with a little less pandemonium.

Great clubbing and dining atmosphere

Turn your evenings into an adventure and try to visit as many clubs and bars as you possibly can. Enjoy a taste of the wide array of scotch or malt at the well-known clubs that keep revelers up all night, having the time of their lives. Night entertainment spots are the ultimate tourist attractions for all tourists. Walking into the Hakkasan mega club in MGM Grand Hotel is fabulous for all party lovers. The place is located on the fourth floor and stretching over 80,000 square feet in size.

The dance floor lives up to expectations and comes alive every night with iconic performances. Huge LED screens are located on the walls. Some visitors may find the names of the in-house DJs familiar because only the best perform here. There is a lot of diversity in culture here in Vegas resulting into increased variety of what appears on the menus.

Great cooking in the leading restaurants from expert chefs will take a top spot on the list of the best Vegas tourist attractions. Try out the Michaels Gourmet Room that is in the South Point Casino just a few miles down the Las Vegas Boulevard on your way from Mandalay Bay. The top restaurants offer sumptuous meals that cannot be replicated anywhere else. From the communal buffets to the homegrown specialties, the place features some of the best steakhouses countywide.

Unmatched gambling experience

The Venetian Palazzo is just unbelievable, highly recommended and it is a “must-stop” casino for all visitors. It is rated among the leading tourist attractions Las Vegas. Within its impressive design is a labyrinth of channels and waterways that are similar to those at St Mark’s Square. At the Grand Canal Shops - a pedestal retail center, there are strolling performers who sing great opera songs. The best shows in town take place here. The Lagasse Stadium located at Palazzo is reputable for being one of the city’s finest sports centers.

Outdoor extravaganza in Vegas

Vegas tourist attractions

Sky jumps - Sky jumping is a great tourist attraction in Las Vegas. This takes place at the 350km Stratosphere Tower which soars to an impressive 350 meters above the 4 mile Strip. The tower is the highest manmade structure in the entire Western USA. First, one zooms up the tower in just under a minute at incredible speed. From bird’s eye view, the dizzying view of the Strip looks magnificent with its flashy neon lighting. After getting a quick safety demonstration, jump out of the aerial platform and transition into the heart-throbbing free-fall nosedive in the air. For a little fee, you can experience the adrenaline rush of your lifetime.

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Golfing - With several highly ranked golf courses in Las Vegas, golfers often go there to tee off into the sunset. Angel Park in Summerlin is cherished by the locals. It has a 36-hole, floodlit course for night golfing and great glimpses of the Red Rock Canyon desert making it one of the leading tourist attractions in Las Vegas Nevada.

Take a chopper ride along the Grand Canyon

From your position, witness the 1-mile deep Grand Canyon meander its way across Nevada. The Canyon is America’s signature landmark and it should feature at the top of the list of your tourist attractions near Las Vegas. Visiting the Canyon in a chopper is the quickest way and the breathtaking aerial view is just mesmerizing. Depending on your schedule, you can even make a landing inside the Canyon and take amazing photos of the scenery and landscape. Costly? Not really, but of course, a chopper ride is going to cost more than a bus ride, no?

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